Introduction to Agility - This class introduces you and your dog to the basic agility equipment:  jumps, tunnels, and contacts.  It can be taken just for fun or by anyone who wants to start agility competition.  Class is held indoors and/or outdoors, whatever the instructor chooses.  You are required to take this class if your dog hasn’t had exposure to all the agility equipment.  Other classes you have taken where the instructor let your dog play with the tunnels and jumps do not qualify you to skip this class.
      Restrictions:  No prong or choke collars allowed in agility classes.

Beginner Agility - 
Beginner dogs and handlers will learn essential foundations for successful agility performance – attention strategies, working on both sides, simple lead-outs, start-line stays, and handling control.  Brief sequences will be covered, as well as simple obstacle discrimination, contacts, and encouraging speed between obstacles.  This class does not introduce all of the obstacles.

    Prerequisite:  Intro to Agility or equivalent.  Dogs must be able to work off leash and have a reliable recall.
    Restrictions:  No prong or choke collars will be allowed.

Intro to Agility: Contacts and Flatwork -  Flatwork  is the foundation of agility training. This class will focus on your dog's understanding of your body language.
Introduction to contacts in agility : A frame, dogwalk ,and teeter  using targets. 

     Prerequisite: Dog must be at least 6 months old, know basic obedience skills (come when called, walk politely on leash, sit, down, stay) and be able to work safely around other dogs and handlers.

Contacts and Weaves -
This class focuses on performance of weaves and A-frame, dogwalk and teeter contact equipment. The class is open to all levels, and exercises are adjusted to suit the skill level of each dog/handler team.

    Prerequisite: This class is open to students who have taken Intro to Agility or equivalent.

Novice Agility  -
This class is designed for novice dogs in preparation for agility competition.  Most of the class will be spent running novice courses in standard and jumpers.  Novice level FAST will also be introduced.  Dogs should be reasonably proficient on all obstacles!  Discussion will also be given for having a dog measured, filling out entry forms, preferred or regular classes, etc.  Reading course maps, walk-throughs and volunteer jobs at a trial will also be covered.  Each class will allow limited time for individuals to practice independently on the obstacles.

    Prerequisite: Basic Agility Handling I or equivalent or evaluated by the instructor.
    Restrictions:  No prong or choke collars allowed in agility classes.

Agility Jumps and Distance Work Learn how to teach the agility jumps and work with your dog at a distance.  Dogs must have a solid stay and recall and be able to work off leash.

Advanced Agility - This class is offered for dogs who are competing in open, excellent, and masters levels. Exercises will stress advanced handling skills and challenge teams to run advanced course sequences with increased speed and distance work.

Short Sequence Agility Handling - Learn handling techniques using short sequences of jumps and tunnels.  Several cross techniques will be taught (how, when and where to execute them.)

Prerequisite: Dogs must be able to do short jump/tunnel sequences and have a strong recall.  Course will be off leash.

Weaves - Learn entrances to weaves and introduction to 12 weave poles.  Dogs must be able to work reliably off leash and have a good sit-stay and recall.  This is a four week class.  Limit 6 dogs.

Unstructured Agility (unstructured multilevel agility field practice

This class offers competing agility dogs (from novice to master’s level) an opportunity to work obstacles, sequences and discriminations on JWW and standard courses on our field.  While no formal lesson plans will be used, all handlers will be expected to assist in course building and designing/suggesting working sequences.  Handlers with more experience will be encouraged to mentor and assist novice level handlers.
     Prerequisite:  Must be advanced enough to compete in trials.