These classes are offered when we have demand and available instructors.

Intro to Marker training-  In this class we will use luring, shaping, clickers, and marker words. We will introduce behaviors beneficial to all training including competition obedience and trick training. Behaviors may include place training, chin rests, target training, hand touches, starting retrieve, etc. Instructor is happy to entertain suggestions for behaviors introduced in this class. Prerequisite: Dogs for this class must have basic obedience skills in place and be comfortable in a group class setting including working in close proximity to other dogs and people.

Attention – Will help you improve the dog’s attention to you.

Heeling – Concentrate on heeling exercises and patterns to improve your dog’s heeling skills.

Clicker Introduction – Introduces the use of a clicker to motivate and train your dog. 

Clicker Retrieves –
A great way to introduce your dog to jumping and dumbbell work.

Junior Showmanship –
Prepare young people for conformation ring competition.

Advanced Marker - This class will cover both training behaviors and tricks as decided upon by the class membership. This is a fun, fast moving and upbeat class that uses platforms, perches, and props. Prerequisites: Handler must have a basic familiarity with the use of a clicker and/or verbal markers. Dogs should have basic training in place (sit, down, stay, walking on a loose lead) and be comfortable around other dogs and humans. Dogs must be crate trained. This class is not appropriate for reactive dogs.

Clicker Foundation - In this class we review the mechanics of clicker training and the concepts of capturing vs shaping, stimulus control, cues, and fluency. By the end of this class you will have an overview of how to teach a rock solid behavior and have some new tools for retraining old behaviors that aren't up to snuff. Your dog will need to be able to rest comfortably in a crate or quietly on a mat while tethered to a hook when we work on clicker mechanics for a short time at the beginning of each class.
Introduction to Dog Sports - This class is for beginner dogs or handlers new to dog sports, and for those looking for fun things to do with their dogs. The class will incorporate basic skills such as sit, stay, and heeling, along with skills used for other dog sports (agility, rally, tracking, etc.) - like jumping, retrieving, and sniffing. Students will have the opportunity to learn more about various AKC events, and to ask questions like "how do I get my dog measured for agility?" or "how do I enter a Rally trial?" Dogs should be at least 6 months old, and ideally will have completed a puppy or beginner obedience class. Students working on CGC certification are welcome, as are children over 10 years old (with parent if under 16).

Trick Dog 1 - All tricks at AKC Novice Trick Dog level and select tricks at Intermediate and Advanced levels depending on needs and requests of class. Prerequisite: Dogs are comfortable and polite in the company of other dogs and handlers and have a reliable off lead recall.

Trick Dog Intermediate through Performer. - This class will cover many tricks in the AKC Intermediate through Performer levels. Please bring plenty of treats and the props you think you would like to use in training. Any level Trick Testing will take place as needed. Prerequisite: Basic Obedience or Puppy class. Dogs must be comfortable around other dogs and humans. This class is not appropriate for reactive dogs.

Ring Confidence - This class prepares you and your dog for competition obedience. There is more to competition obedience than simply teaching your dog the exercises. Without good preparation, things can fall apart quickly in the noisy, crowded, pressure- filled obedience trial environment. This class will prepare you and your dog for success. Learn how to make the ring a happy place for your dog. Teach your dog how to handle distractions in the adjoining ring, the pressure of a judge nearby, passing unfamiliar people and dogs on the way to the ring, and more. The instructor and students will be working together to provide challenging experiences for their dogs. There will be considerable group work in this class.
    Prerequisite: Completion of the Beginner Novice Obedience and/or the Novice Obedience class and mastery of the exercises or permission of instructor.

Other Classes