Rally Novice – AKC Rally is a dog sport that is a stand-alone fun event for dog and handler, as well as a helpful transition activity into the world of obedience and/or agility competition. Rally offers both the dogs and handlers an experience that is loads of fun, fast paced and energizing.  The canine/handler team moves at their own pace from station to station, performing a different on-leash exercise at each station. You'll learn all 33 Novice exercises utilizing heel work, fronts, and finishes, and also perform some rally courses.
Prerequisite:  Beginners, CGC or equivalent.  Your dog must know basic commands such as sit, stay, come, and walk at heel on a loose lead. 

Rally Advanced/Excellent –
This class is for dogs that have completed the Novice Rally class or equivalent.  You'll learn the 18 Advanced exercises and the 13 Excellent exercises, as well as continuing work on the Rally Novice exercises. We'll introduce jumps, backing and a slightly longer stay.  For those interested in competing, we will work exercises in Novice, Advanced, and Excellent levels including entire course run-throughs.  Mastery of all these exercises will not only prepare the dog and handler for earning Rally titles but will make the transition to competition level obedience much easier.  
Prerequisites: Rally Novice or instructor permission.

Intermediate/Advanced Rally -
This class is for dogs who are not quite ready to make the jump to working off lead in Rally Advanced.  Handlers will learn the advanced level signs on lead and will begin working on off lead skills.  New 2017 signs will be included.

Master Rally – This class will cover the AKC Rally Master level signs plus the new signs for 2017 at all levels. Prerequisite: Dog must have Rally Novice title and be started in Advanced or beyond. Dog MUST be reliable off lead. Handler should be familiar with old (2012) Advanced/Excellent signs in order for class to be able to focus on Master level.

Prerequisite:  Competing in or titled in RN, or permission of instructor.

RALLY SKILLS - This class will include games for focus, attention, rear end awareness and fronts and finishes, with heel work which will include turns, pivots, pace changes and other assorted skills trained in a fun and motivating environment. Skills learned in this class are designed to improve rally course performance. This is not a "run-through" class.

Prerequisites: Dog must at minimum know sit, down, started heel and started stay. Dogs must be under control and able to work comfortably around other dogs and humans.

Rally Classes