Registration Info

Take time to follow these step-by-step instructions for an easy and complete registration.

Read the training class schedule and class descriptions so you'll register for the right class. Drop-in classes don't require advance registration.

To register online, click here:

When registration in your class is confirmed, you will receive an email with the mailing address for payment.

If you have trouble registering online, email Ashley Richardson at with your class name, handler and dog information (please see paragraph below), and which classes you have taken previously.  All this information MUST be included to register.  Please make sure that your email was not returned. If your email is sent back to you as undeliverable or if your email application does not open with the above email address filled in when you click on the link, write down this email address, open your email application and create a new email, type in the email address above, and send your email.

If you qualify, include information necessary for a class discount (please see paragraph below).
The registrar will reply to your e-mail with: payment amount due and where to send your payment.

Handler and Dog Information

Handler's name, address, city, phone number, e-mail address
Dog's name, breed, male/female, intact/neutered, age at start of class, and classes the dog has previously taken.

Discounts, Vouchers, and Credits

Shelter Adoption Discount: The ORKC gives a discount of $20 for one obedience class to any dog that is adopted from a shelter. Make sure this information is included in your e-mail to the registrar when registering for your class. You must send a copy of your adoption papers via e-mail or snail mail so she will know to give you credit.

Cleaning Committee Vouchers: The ORKC gives a $10 discount if you want to join the cleaning committee. You will be asked to clean (vacuum, dust, empty garbage, etc.) once per month and will receive two $5 vouchers each time you clean. These vouchers may be used toward class fees or Show-N-Go payments. You can transfer these vouchers.

Teaching Credits:  Instructors receive 12 weeks of free class credit for each six week class taught or may chose instead to receive a small reimbursement check at the end of the six week session. Assistant instructors receive six weeks of free class credit for each six week class taught or a check for ½ the reimbursement of instructors. Instructors and assistants may also use club facilities and equipment for personal practice (when there are no classes or events scheduled) at no charge. (Normal practice fee is $5 per use.) Agility field and equipment use requires initial approval by the agility committee. credit

Class Refund Policy:  Oak Ridge Kennel Club does not refund any money after the first class of the session.