The Oak Ridge Kennel Club is the only organization in the area that offers classes in tracking.  We can help trackers get started or prepare for certifications and tests.  ORKC offers a TD and TDU test each year. 

A pup or dog can learn to track at any age.  We recommend if you think you may be interested in tracking that you contact one of our tracking instructors for imprinting before your pup is 16 weeks of age.  Google “Imprinting for Tracking” to learn more about imprinting your puppy.

Tracking Class - This class is for you if you want to try tracking with your dog.  The course will cover what equipment to use, recommended books, use of food on the track or not, line handling, article indication, instructions on how to begin your dog to track, and more.  Tracking is a good confidence builder for the dog.  This class meets for at least two hours on Saturday mornings.  The teams must practice through the week to keep up with the instruction.  The class will meet at ORKC facilities the first week, then will expand to different locations, but mostly Roane State Community College in Harriman.

Prerequisite: None

Limitations: The limitations will be determined by how advanced the teams are in their training.  You will be contacted by the instructor within a couple of days after registering. 

Tracking Classes